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Ontario Repossession FAQ's Ontario - Bailiff Repo Car Truck Pickup Boats Watercraft Motorcycle RVs Campers Suvs Van Atv Heavy Equipment Semi Truck Trailer.
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RepoOntario.com - FAQ's

We are proven to provide fast and professional repossession services, that will benefit you and your clients with low prices and quick service.

Question: Is RepoOntario.com a Bailiff Company?
Answer: No. We are not a Bailiff Company. However, we carefully screen the Bailiff Companies that actually carry out your Warrants for Repossession. We have an extensive screening process and once the Ontario Bailiff Company have been approved by us - we Certify and classify them to be 'Accredited Bailiffs'. This means you only deal with Honest, Reliable and most importantly TRUSTWORTHY repossession agents.

Question: Why are your rates and fees so low?
Answer: Due to our superior technology and years of extensive knowledge, we can pass the savings on to you. Most companies charge more for the experience of specialties in areas of Repossessions. We believe it should be the complete opposite. So - we pass the savings on to our clients and offer the FASTEST and EASIEST way to Repo Assets in Ontario.

Question: When can expect to have my Order to be processed?
Answer: Within minutes you will receive a copy of your Warrant. At the same time a Bailiff on standby, will call you either to ask more questions, or simply to let you know when they can and WILL execute your assignment.

Question: What happens after the repo has taken place?
Answer: The Bailiff handles everything for you. They will send out the legal notices and follow the Provincial Acts - which enables Ontario bailiffs to act as your agent.

Question: When will I get my money or Asset(s) back?
Answer: You will be notified every step of the way, by us. Once the statues have been followed by the Bailiff, you will be notified the instant there is a cheque for you. On some cases, your assets will be returned to you FAST and EFFICIENTLY.

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