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Ontario Commercial Lockout Eviction Ontario - Lockout Tenant non payment of rent change locks ontario.
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Commercial Tenant Lockouts / Tenant Eviction


When a Commercial Tenant or a Industrial Tenant has failed to pay rent, the Landlord can Terminate the Lease, but cannot then Distrain against the tenants goods:

An Eviction Notice is created by the landlord or property owner. It terminates the lease and/or instructs a tenant to vacate the property. The Eviction Notice of the Commercial Tenant of better known as "Tenant Lockout" can be performed by a Bailiff in Ontario.

Ontario commercial landlords, if you have a tenant who is behind in the rent or otherwise in default under the lease, serve the tenant with this Notice of Termination of Lease .

  • The Notice of Termination informs the tenant that, pursuant to the Commercial Tenancies Act, the landlord has instructed the Bailiff to change the locks and the lease has been terminated and forfeited.
  • The landlord will seek damages for the unexpired balance of the term in Small Claims Court if the amount in default is less than $25,000.00.

The Ontario Eviction Process and Evictions Laws are carefully administrated by a Appointed Bonded Ontario Bailiff. The Tenants Rights in Ontario has to be maintained at all times when evicting a tenant in Ontario. For any additional forms that may be required by a tenant eviction law or eviction form, can be Process Served by a Ontario Bailiff for a small nominal fees. see our Pricing Page for more details

CHANGE THE LOCKS - (LOCKOUT) Commercial Landlord & Tenant Lockouts (Terminations)

  • Termination of Lease
  • Lease consultation,and changing of locks as required
  • $ 0 Bailiff Fees
  • $ 125.00 Admin fee, plus locksmith.

    A landlord can hire a Bailiff to change the locks of the unit and evict on the 16th day after the day rent was due.
    The landlord is not obligated to notify the tenant that the locks will be changed.
    Example: January 1st – rent due
    January 17th – locks can be changed without notification

    • Landlords and/or tenants should not force their way into the premises.
    • After the locks have been changed, landlords should allow tenants reasonable access to the rental unit to remove their property.

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